Best Fishing Crew In Alaska!

Petersburg Sportfishing is a family-owned and operated company that prides itself in providing you personalized services that include fishing, outdoor excursions, comfortable accommodations, and home-cooked meals. We strive to provide you with the best experience of the Alaskan adventure and fill your trip with memories that last a lifetime.

Meet our team

Cliff – Owner

southeast alaska fishing captain

Cliff is a lifelong entrepreneur and has landed in a place where work equals play! He spends as much time in Petersburg as possible with his wife, Tamara, and enjoys visiting his family in Utah frequently. Cliff is full of stories and jokes, so cross your fingers as you get to sit next to him at the dinner table when you’re visiting! He is a jack of all trades who is always busy helping someone or fixing something.

Tamara – Co-Owner

alaska fishing captain

Tamara does it all! When she isn’t busy helping at the lodge, she is either working at the airport as a TSA agent or running the DMV office in town. She loves her family and enjoys going home to visit her children and grandchildren at every chance.

“CoDee” – The Captain

Alaska fishing crew

CoDee is Cliff & Tamara’s son, he lives in Petersburg with his wife and two dogs, when he isn’t on the water in Petersburg. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps before getting married. Besides fishing, CoDee enjoys camping, cooking, and game nights with family and friends.

Natalie – The Cook

petersburg alaska fishing crew

Natalie is your cook for the summer! She met CoDee at the lodge five years ago while working. Now they are married and are parents to two gorgeous huskies whom you’ll get to meet when you visit. They love their little home in Petersburg. She works hard to maintain the lodge and prepare hot, homemade meals and desserts daily for our guests.

Our crew looks forward to giving you a warm experience of Alaska. Come and share the adventure with our humble Petersburg Family!